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Feeding the world of tomorrow Local solutions for sustainable food supply.

Receiving a basic supply of food is by no means a matter of course for everyone. Climate change, drought, soil sealing and flooding are leading to local loss of crops. Lack of water and suitable arable land are the primary limiting factors.

With its participation in the Swiss company "MABEWO GREENTOCUBE", the MABEWO Group is working on developing innovative technologies for agriculture. Highly qualified hardware and software engineers develop novel systems for indoor farming and protected outdoor cultivation together with crop farmers, mechatronic engineers and design engineers. The focus of our work is on automation, process control, and the interface between technology and plants.


«The future of agriculture is already here.»
Indoor Farming Salat

Proof of Concept – Food & Energy Campus

We have been sustainably and locally growing microgreens, herbs and salads here since 2021. The complex also includes a drying facility for medicinal and aromatic plants and a biogas facility.
« The new local supply concept – resource-efficient, sustainable, and local.»

Our responsibility

«Taking a holistic view, our team examines tomorrow's challenges from different areas of expertise. We are working with full commitment to implement efficient solutions in the cultivation of plants using the latest technology. This work has led to creating a system for year-round and reliable cultivation of plants as healthy food and animal fodder. Our indoor farming facilities are highly automated and modular in order to meet our customers' needs for high quality produce, variable expansion and minimal expenditure. With our facilities, we are offering an innovative and sustainable solution by utilising a photovoltaic system to supply clean electricity for crop production.»

Globalisation promotes mass production and transport of food halfway around the world. In order to contribute to climate protection, the MABEWO Group promotes the cultivation of local products in the immediate vicinity of consumers. That means fresh goods can be offered without loss of time and environmental pollution due to transport. This is thanks to the sustainable production process in our facilities, which utilises innovative methods and technology to produce vegetables and herbs efficiently, locally and organically with solar energy and the hydroponic process. Eat better and live better.
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