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Welcome to the press portal, where innovation finds fertile ground! Learn more about our technologies and solutions. You will find all relevant information at a glance here.

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For questions regarding press and media, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Key facts about MABEWO

MABEWO stands for sustainability in the best sense of the term. We are investing in the future and providing sustainable solutions for the ever-growing world population.

Our definition of sustainability: With our solutions, we focus on regional and cost-effective use of natural resources, avoidance of transport, and a long-term life cycle.

MABEWO unites companies that work on the development and operation of sustainable production processes. Resources such as land, soil, water and nutrients must be conserved and used effectively. The key is to combine indoor farming and local supply with renewable energies.

That is why MABEWO, as a holding company, invests in technology development for decentralised, modular, automated and scalable solutions, both in facility construction for indoor farming and in energy generation. Within the diverse areas of application, we are focusing on three market segments:

  • Agricultural solutions: modular and scalable indoor farming facilities for producing food and animal feed along with flavourings and fragrances, protected outdoor cultivation with agrovoltaics methods.
  • Phytopharmaceuticals: highly automated systems for the production of medicinal plants.
  • Energy & waste: facility construction and operation of sustainable power plants.