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MAKE A BETTER WORLD From Switzerland for the world

MABEWO Group stands for sustainability in the best sense of the term. Our customers are farmers, producers of flavors, fragrances, etc.. They rely on high quality from local and decentralized production and protected environments. As a technology company, we deliver integrated solutions, from energy production to turnkey plants for food and feed production. This saves resources: water, land and nutrients are massively saved and emissions from transportation are eliminated.

MABEWO Group unites companies that work on the development and operation of sustainable production processes. Resources such as land, soil, water and nutrients must be conserved and used effectively.

The key is to combine indoor farming and local supply with renewable energies. That is why MABEWO, as a holding company, invests in technology development for decentralised, modular, automated and scalable solutions, both in facility construction for indoor farming and in energy generation. Within the diverse areas of application, we are focusing on three market segments:

  • Agricultural solutions: modular and scalable indoor farming facilities for producing food and animal feed along with flavourings and fragrances, protected outdoor cultivation.
  • Phytopharmaceuticals: highly automated systems for the production of medicinal plants.
  • Energy & waste: facility construction and operation of sustainable power plants.

Our responsibility

Jörg Trübl, Member of the Board of Directors and CEO of MABEWO Group

«We are taking responsibility on a global scale. Climate protection and fairness for all people are good examples in that regard. These are truly difficult issues, and finding solutions for them is a complex task. MABEWO Group has made it its business to break new ground and implement innovative solutions – especially in the difficult areas. Our experience in international project business and our understanding of sustainable strategies are helping us to achieve this goal. We are relying on renewable energy and efficient processes – in order to conserve resources like land, water, nutrients and energy.»

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