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MAKE A BETTER WORLD From Switzerland for the world

Our mission

«As a leading technology company, we develop innovative processes and technologies relating to the indoor cultivation and processing of food for humans and animals, along with phytopharmaceuticals.»

Our vision

A world where everyone has access to fresh, healthy food, medical care and clean electricity.

Our values


Using our scalable, highly automated and modular facilities, our customers produce plants in reproducible MABEWO quality under optimal conditions – regardless of location and climate.


By using renewable energies and resource-saving production processes, we are making our contribution to the further development of healthy local supply and to the environmentally friendly production of plants. Climate protection is an important cornerstone of our actions, which is why we at the MABEWO Group have set ourselves the goal of achieving an overall neutral energy balance.


Our indoor farming compartments focus on the production of healthy food for humans and animals, along with stable and reproducible production of active ingredients for the pharmaceutical industry. We are continuously working on optimising innovative cultivation methods and technologies for the expansion of renewable energies.

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